Community Health Nursing


In this department, students are provided with nursing practice scenario that blends primary health care & principles of public health nursing practice. Home visits, survey of the field’s door to door delivery of health care etc. are intended to develop community health nursing skills to serve the people of both urban and rural areas. The department provides training to both under graduates and diploma nursing students under the supervision of faculty. The community welfare programmes conducted by the department is indeed beneficiary to the people as well as the students to gain insight in to public participation in health care.

Contact Person


Dr. Jenifer D’Souza, MSc(N), MPhil(N), PhD. Professor & HOD.
  1. The students of the college cater to the health needs of the communities through a well equipped Community Health Nursing Lab with 200 bags and a variety of health education materials and AV aids.
  2. Develop skills in Community Nursing assessment among students to provide comprehensive care to individuals, family, and community at large.
  3. During home visits by the students in the allotted area activities like Urine sugar test ,Urine albumin test, Hb estimation, Recording of vital signs( temperature, pulse, respiration), Wound dressing, Injection, Baby bath, Assessment of anthropometric measurements, Assessment- Antenatal, Postnatal, Newborn, Oldage are supervised by department staff.
  4. Development and practicing skills in preparation of IEC materials.
  5. Continuity of service is enhanced by prompt recording in the family folders and updating of survey reports by the department.
  6. Maintenance of survey reports and family folders.
  7. Diet and menu planning for different age group.
  8. Role play – planning and practice.

The department also organises and conducts mass health education programmes for the general public during the community postings. Important days like World TB Day, World AIDS day etc are also observed

  • Nutrition programme was organised


  • Mass health education organised on 11/11/2016 regarding hazards of beedi rolling at mallur area


  • School health programme organised on 24/11/2016 at Ammunje school


  • Dental health check up conducted on 24/11/2016 at Ammunje school