Mental Health Nursing

The Department caters the academic needs of the I & II year M.Sc. Nursing students III year Basic B.Sc. & II year P.C.B.Sc. & II year Diploma Nursing students. The staff assists the student in developing in-depth understanding in the field of mental health nursing & specialized clinical areas are utilized for the students benefit to gain expertise in providing the care to the mentally challenged and people experiencing behavioural & emotional problems. Various activities like visit to the destitute homes, mentally retired children’s home etc. are helpful to gain broader prospective on mental health to the students.

Contact Person

Mrs. Jenifer D’Souza

Prof. Theresa Mathais, M.Sc(N)

H.O.D and Professor

Skill in Conducting Mental Health Assessment of problems of mentally ill individuals, use of diversional therapies is developed.
Various procedures like history collection , process recording, personal care , ECT, drug therapy, group therapy etc are demonstrated to students and return demonstration is performed.
Trained in the use of Psychological Assessment scale.

Exposure to de-addiction units, AA meetings, group meetings facilitates the understanding regarding process of de-addiction through Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, recreational activities, group meetings, special family therapy sessions.

Visits to old age homes, special school, observation home, disability and handicapped schools, psychosocial rehabilitation centre, autism unit etc are planned.

Important days like International day against drug abuse and trafficking, World Alzheimer’s day, World Mental Health day, Autism day, World No Tobacco Day, Disability day, World Suicide Prevention day etc are observed.

1. World Mental Health Day with the theme of “Dignity in mental health ” was observed on 10th October 2015 at Snehalaya Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre, Manjeshwar


2. Health education on personal hygiene – An Awareness Programme by 3rd year Bsc Nursing students on 29th January 2016 at Father Muller’s psychiatric hospital .


3. Get together programme “ REC- Relax your mind” 3rd year Bsc Nursing students on 30th January at Father Muller’s psychiatric hospital.


4. Health education on “Alcohol Relapse Prevention” by 2nd year PC Bsc nursing students on 17th March 2016 at Father Muller’s psychiatric hospital de-addiction unit.


5. Recreational programme  2nd year PC Bsc nursing students  on 29th  March 2016 at Father Muller’s psychiatric hospital de-addiction unit.


6. World Autism Day, observed on 27th April 2016 at LMET Auditorium by organizing one day seminar.


7. World No Tobacco Day, with the theme  “fresh flowers in the ashtray” was observed on 31st May 2016 by organizing a radio talk on Akashavani , on( 6th June 2016 ), Kadri.


8. World Alzheimer’s Day 2016  with the theme “remember me” was observed on 22nd September 2016 at Olavinahalli Rehabilitation  Centre K C road, Talapady, Mangalore.