A new paediatric physiotherapy department and hand rehabilitation unit started in LMCP. It was inaugurated on 15th May 2015 by Dr.Santosh Soans, paediatrician of A.J. Institute of Medical Science. Honourable president Shri Prashant Shetty, Dr.Avilash P.V. and Dr. Hemant Kumar, Medical Superintended of A.J. Medical College were also invited for the opening ceremony.Various physio equipments including vestibular apparatus kit, mat, swiss ball,etc.are used for treatment of children with various disabilities like Cerebral Palsy(CP), developmental delay,etc.vestibular apparatus kit is for sensory integration of CP child with tonal abnormalities. With the help of swiss ball,we can train the child for their milestone development as well as stabilize the body and helps in improving balance. The new paediatric department is designed by the students themselves. The colourful paintings in the wall provides a new attractive look to the department.
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