2014 was a special year for Laxmi Memorial College of Physiotherapy. It was the year where 1st students council of LMCP was formed.

On November 21st  2014, on the occasion of fresher’s day, the 1st students council was inaugurated by our principal Dr. Sanjay Eapen Samuel. The students were selected by the staff members  according to their talents and field of interest.

All council members were called upon the stage and acknowledged with their respective badges. Students council members were also managed for oath taking process leaded by Dr. Haripriya S.

The students council helps to share students ideas, interest and concerns with college staffs and principal. They assist in different ways for college wide activities including social events, community projects etc.

Following are the list of the members with their positions:

Libin George Babu- President

Lakshmi Lalaji- Vice president

Feba Sara Oommen- Secretary

Soniya George- Scientific Committee Secretary

Arpana Regmi- Magazine Secretary

Liya Joy- Cultural Secretary

Vyshakh M.V. – Sports Secretary

Farsana C.H. – Women’s representative

Anil Abraham- Male representative

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