vice-presidents Education is a foundation for building a prosperous nation. Such a system can no longer be alien, borrowed or transplanted one. It must be rooted deep in the indigenous soil and must remain alert and open to the changes taking place all around. In fact, education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world and hence, the future of a nation depends on the quality of educational institutions.

The demand for skilled hospitality professionals is increasing with every passing year. Supplying the industry with high-caliber specialists has become a top priority for all hotel management institution. I feel proud to inform that in the span of 22 years the Institute has achieved the success of providing jobs to its students in various National & International hotel chains. Moti Mahal College of Hotel Management has dedicated faculty members with rich experience in hospitality Industry and academics, have been always striving to provide the best professionals to hospitality industry.

I wish you a fruitful tenure of academic study in our institutions and a successful career.

Shri Prashanth Shetty

Vice President, LMET(R)